16 October 2018

Etiquette for marathon runners: how to behave during race to have a good time

Marathon is perhaps the largest running event in terms of number of participants. Efforts of organizers are not enough to maintain the order and here the unwritten laws of mass running come to the rescue. In anticipation of the “Almaty Marathon”, which will be held on April 21, we decided to acquaint you with a few basic rules of runner etiquette.

14 October 2018

4000 participants finished the first "Almaty half-marathon"

Today, four thousand sports and a healthy lifestyle fans ran the first “Almaty Half Marathon” along the city streets. Athletes from Kazakhstan, USA, France, Japan, Russia, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan and other countries took part in the competition.

14 October 2018

Race participant dies in half marathon

A runner – 18-year-old Maxim Korolyov from Astana, a student of the Almaty branch of the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions died during the Almaty half marathon.

29 September 2018

Girls-Only Race – Women’s Race was held in Almaty

On September 29, the third Women’s Race took place in the park of the “Atakent” exhibition center. Each of the 350 participants received medals and roses at the finish. Another autumn race was held in the framework of the preparation for the Almaty Marathon 2019.

28 September 2018

How often do you practise sports? (survey)

You have already tried to start doing sports more than once, but every time you give up quickly… You want to start doing exercises, but do not know how?

17 September 2018

Registration for Almaty Marathon 2019 is now open

The registration for the largest running event in Central Asia – international 8th Almaty Marathon, which will be held on April 21, 2019, is open today, September 17.

14 September 2018

Almaty Marathon handed over sports ground to special boarding school №6 for children with intellectual disabilities

The corporate fund "Courage to be the first" presented the third charitable object - sports ground to special boarding school №6 for children with intellectual disabilities.

13 September 2018

Almaty Marathon handed over sports playgrounds to Children’s Hospice “I’m with you”

The transfer of the constructed objects within the framework of the Almaty 2018 marathon's charity goal is continuing. On September 12 our team presented sports playgrounds in the first hospice for children with cancer "I'm with you".

11 September 2018

Almaty marathon handed over sports ground to secondary boarding school of Yessik town

Today the ceremonial opening and transfer of the multifunctional sports ground to pupils of the regional special boarding school for children with visual impairments in the Yessik town. Not only partners, but also participants of the Almaty Marathon came to the presentation of the project implementation.

03 September 2018

«Ladies, welcome to the start! » Almaty to host Women’s Race

September 29, annual Women’s race full of beauty and harmony will be held. The event has a unique character and is designed to attract girls and women of the city and region to an active lifestyle. The next thematic competition will be held in preparation for the large-scale Almaty Marathon 2019.

31 August 2018

How sports change my life: Three stories about the impact of sports on our health and work and how to keep up with life

How often do you think about the importance of sports in your life, not only for physical, but also for psychological and spiritual development? Are you ready to love sports as much as the heroes of our article are inspired by them? It would seem as a hobby, which, however, gradually became an integral part of life.

29 August 2018

What kind of sport would you choose for your child? (survey)

Each family, sooner or later, will have to make decision to choose a sport section for their child. Sports is a good opportunity not only to improve endurance and physical training, but also instill responsibility in him. The Almaty Marathon team interviewed about 1000 people on the topic “What kind of sport would you like to give your child”.

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