02 December 2020

Sports Equipment and Facilities for Children of Kenes Center

The Kenes Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center was established in 1992. According to its eternal leader, the center was mainly opened to tell the world about “special” children and their right to life, education, care and treatment like others.

Center Director Suleyeva Maira reverently and livingly tells about each student of the center, which helped some of them start talking and others go to a regular school. Everyone is loved here as a family member, and it is believed that everyone has the right and every opportunity to live and study without restrictions in society.

The center resembles a large exhibition of works made by both young masters and teachers themselves. Everyone can create here a real piece of art with his/her own hands, which will please guests and those who work and study here every day. Frogs and forest animals made of stones, a tree made of sealing foam, toys made of plastic and cardboard - everything will be used in the center for the benefit of its students.

The Kenes Center brings hope to thousands of families that the child abandoned by doctors can go to high school and become a full member of society.

The Center actively introduces the Early Intervention Programme to identify developmental disorders in babies under 3 years. “The specific feature of the programme is that we can help a kid even at an early age and prevent a severe form of disability. After completing the course, many kids go to a regular kindergarten. Therefore, if there is something bothering you in the development of your kid, please do not delay, contact specialists. The problem can be solved at the very beginning and please don’t wait until it becomes one of the many problems for many years to come,” urges Sharipova Tatyana, Head of the Early Intervention Service at the Kenes Center.

Thanks to our participants, in 2020 we presented the Kenes Center with sports equipment (balls, jumping ropes, tennis rackets), a chess table, a swing for children who have to learn how to keep balance and develop their vestibular apparatus, children’s sports complexes and tatami. Now the kids can play inside the building without fear of freezing or getting injured.

"We thank everyone who became a part of the Almaty Marathon 2020. Amid the difficulties of this year, we together with you were able to make so many children and their parents happy. We hope that every sports facility and equipment will help children become healthier, happier, more active and more curious", - Galimzhan Yessenov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, «Courage to be the first» Corporate Fund.

We are anticipating a new year and new achievements ahead. If you know someone we can help in 2021, please contact us at info@almaty-marathon.kz.

See you soon!


A video from the ceremony commissioning the charity facilities at the Kenes Center is on our Instagram. 

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