02 November 2020

A Sports Ground for the Orphanage in Talgar

The Nur Charity Family Orphanage was founded on August 1, 1998. For the years of its operation, the organization brought up over 700 children.

The 10th Anniversary Almaty Marathon is scheduled for April 11, 2021.

The country’s largest running competition takes place annually in April. About 17 thousand runners are expected to take part in the competition in 2021. Organizers note that they continue to keep track of the situation around the virus.

“We have already started preparing for the project and we really hope to preserve the tradition and hold the Almaty Marathon in April. But, we are aware of the risks associated with the current situation and we are always in touch with the Akimat (city administration) and the Almaty Sports Department, so we promptly respond to all changes and incoming news. Nevertheless, sport is currently one of the most important things to preserve the immune system of our citizens. We, for our part, as organizers, have already developed a number of health measures to protect our athletes,” Saltanat Kazybayeva, Director of the Almaty Marathon, comments.

The Almaty Marathon 2021 will be an anniversary running race. Its organizers are preparing a great festive program and also promise to take all safety measures.

“The first thing we as organizers worry about is the health of the participants,” says Issa Kalka, Chief Operations Officer of the Almaty Marathon, “Ambulances, medical officers, food and water will be provided for along the running track. We always call on all participants to take responsibility for their health and prepare in advance for such events. Among other things, we are guided by the international best practice in organizing running marathons amidst a pandemic and will adopt the most successful practices.”

Open and free trainings will begin for everyone three months before the start of the competition. The trainings will be led by a professional coach. The exact date and location will be announced later.

Registration for the Almaty Marathon 2021 will be available already in the upcoming year, starting from January 4, 2021.

Every year the Almaty Marathon chooses charitable goals to implement upon completion of the competition. This year, despite the fact that the competition was cancelled, all 5 charitable goals were fully implemented. Applications for 2021 can be submitted already from now on. There are the following main selection criteria: the need for sports grounds and equipment in special children’s institutions. Applications are accepted by the email info@almaty-marathon.kz.

For reference: the Almaty Marathon 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. All other competitions scheduled for 2020 were called off as well. Organizers switched all the running competitions to the online regimen. The annual Almaty Half Marathon was held virtually. By the end of the year, “Courage to Be the First” Corporate Fund plans to hold another virtual race in Almaty – Hero of the Location  (November 14-15). Registration for the competition was opened from October 26.

02 December 2020

Sports Equipment and Facilities for Children of Kenes Center

Sports Equipment and Facilities for Children of Kenes Center

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