29 October 2020

2020 turned out to be a difficult year for many people. We failed to hold the annual Almaty Marathon, but despite this fact, many participants have already paid their entry fees.

After the competition was cancelled, some of the participants didn’t ask to refund their fees, thanks to which we were able to spend these funds on good deeds.

The second facility, which we would like to talk about, is the sensory integration equipment for the Amalia Abilitation Center.

The Amalia Abilitation Center is a clubhouse for youth and teenagers with disabilities.

The Amalia Abilitation Center offers the following procedures:

- diagnostics of children with developmental disabilities, social adaptation of children with developmental disabilities, speech understanding classes, simple and complex verbal classes, mentalization, self-care skills teaching classes, general developmental classes, speech development classes, ergotherapy, kinetotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, game therapy, art therapy, sand therapy and much more.

In 2019, we received a request to purchase and install new sensory integration equipment from parents, whose children attend the center in Almaty.

This new equipment is called ‘Owl House’, which represents a set of special tools for the development of sensorimotor integration.

Sensory integration is a process in the course of which the human nervous system receives information from the receptors of all senses (touch, vestibular apparatus, body sensation, smell, sight, taste, hearing), and then arranges them and helps use them in everyday activities.

Classes in the Owl House are recommended for children experiencing problems with their motor system, ICP, developmental delays, aggression, autistic disorders and many other diseases.

Already at the end of the summer, the equipment was delivered in Almaty, and the Almaty Marathon employees installed it at the Amalia Center.

We express our sincere appreciation to everyone who made a significant contribution to this good deed!

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