02 November 2020

The Nur Charity Family Orphanage was founded on August 1, 1998. For the years of its operation, the organization brought up over 700 children.

Yeskozhina Tuyak Kazkenovna, a founder of the Nur Orphanage, has worked in the education sector for over 58 years. According to Mrs. Yeskozhina, providing education to orphaned children is the main mission of the orphanage.

The orphanage is a state-supervised organization, but financed by donations from individuals and various organizations.

Children are sent to the orphanage by Akim’s Offices, schools, medical institutions, police and relatives. There are even cases when children were just left at the gates of the orphanage. Some children have relatives and they meet during school holidays or public holidays.

Many orphans, even after they come of age and get education and job, come to the orphanage and visit their “parents” and other children.

In 2019, one of the Almaty Marathon participants contacted and told us about the Nur Orphanage. The orphanage had a large empty field on its territory, where children played soccer. Its founders had no finances to build something bigger and more comfortable. Nevertheless, thanks to one of our runners, we found out about the existing problem at the Nur Orphanage.

As the territory is rather large, we decided to build not only a soccer field, but also a running, basketball and workout ground.

“This is one of the largest charitable projects implemented by the Almaty Marathon, and we are very happy that children from the Nur Orphanage can now practice here,” comments Saltanat Kazybayeva, Director of the Almaty Marathon. “We respect very much what Tuyak Kazkenovna and her husband Anuarbek Seitovich are doing. It is difficult to overestimate their contribution to the upbringing and education of children and youth. We appreciate their job and wish good health to them and their pupils and, of course, wish prosperity and further development to the Nur Orphanage.”

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