5 Reasons to Volunteer

1. Volunteering and personal growth

You are in the spotlight! Volunteering gives you the opportunity to participate in various events, plan and offer interesting activities for the young generation. You will be aware of all upcoming events and participate in them on a voluntary basis! You increase your self-esteem, learn to communicate with people of different ages and social groups, improve your organizational and leadership skills, see the whole work of the organizing committee from the inside and get invaluable experience in this field.

2. Volunteering and friendship

Volunteering at the Almaty Marathon is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances. Among other volunteers you will find like-minded people who, just like you, want to be useful to society and return the favour. At our events, strong friendships, couples and even families are created.

3. Volunteering and the foundation of future profession

Volunteering can be the icing on the cake of your resume. Resume - this is the first thing they ask for when applying for a job. Work experience and education are very important moments. When employers ask the question “What is your hobby?” or “What do you do in your free time?”, your story about volunteering will be an important  aspect! You not only demonstrate your personal qualities: kindness, responsiveness, sociability, organization, responsibility, but also show yourself to be a versatile person. In most serious companies that work according to international standards, the experience of a volunteer is an additional advantage when applying for a job. 

4. Volunteering and contribution to a better world

By becoming a volunteer of the "Almaty Marathon", you make a huge contribution to charity. You bring your piece of good to our world and make it better. Your friends and your loved ones will appreciate you. Doing good, you will see how the world is changing around, and you are one of the main elements of the development of the school of humanity education.

5.Volunteering and pleasant memories

Volunteers are never bored; everyone who has ever participated in the Almaty Marathon will agree with this. You may be tired, and the weather conditions are not entirely favorable, but you will not be bored. You will become an example to follow, the embodiment of humanity, who unselfishly spends his time helping others. To the question - “What is all this for?” you will have your own answer. And we guarantee the memories of bright events and emotions to everyone.

Live a vibrant life and do what brings you happiness and contentment.

We love our volunteers and appreciate everyone’s work.


  • event's branded T-shirt and cap,
  • meals during the Almaty Marathon,
  • letter of thanks from the organizers,
  • letter of recommendation (upon request),
  • unforgettable team building.



  • sociability,
  • high level of responsibility,
  • 16 years or older,
  • ability to work in a team,
  • commitment.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the “Almaty Marathon” and other competitions, write to volunteer@almaty-marathon.kz or fill in the form: 


We are looking forward to meeting you!