26 March

Att: Runners, race organisers, sponsors, friends of AIMS

Subject: Coronavirus pandemia crisis
Reference: Impacts on the whole sporting community worldwide

We received applications for a partial refund of entry fee. Please read carefully the information in the article.

When will the funds be retruned to my bank account or card?

You will get the refund 50% of the entry fee paid earlier for your registration for the Almaty Marathon from 20th to 30th April 2020.

What if I haven’t got the refund to my bank account/card before May 1st 2020?

If you haven’t got the refund before May 1st 2020, please contact us at info@almaty-marathon.kz or send the direct message in our social media accounts.

Please specify in your request your full name, BIB number, ID.

When can I get a cash refund?

Entry fees will be refunded in cash during the issuance of starting kits.


What happens to the remaining 50% of the entry fee?

You will receive the remaining 50% of the entry fee in the form of a starting kit and a finisher medal.

When can I get my starting kit and medal?

Unfortunately, we can not provide the  accurate information about the place and time of their issuing starting kits due to the pandemic and state of emergency in Kazakhstan. We will keep on track of the instructions from the local authorities and the information authorizing possible public events in the city.

We will immediately inform you of the date of issuing starting kits as soon as we have appropriate information.

Starting kits and  finisher medals will be issued in Almaty within a few days.

If I bought a T-shirt, how can I get it?

Participants will receive their T-shirts during the issuance of starting kits and  finisher medals.

Can I buy a T-shirt if I did not order it during registration?

Yes, you can. T-shirts will be sold during the issuance of starting kits. You can purchase a T-shirt for yourself. The price is KZT 2,500.

How can I get a starting kit if I’m not in Almaty?

Your friends and acquaintances can pick up your starting kit instead of you. They need to have a copy of their and your ID cards with them. We will send part of the starting kits to our regional ambassadors in Kazakhstan, Tashkent and Bishkek, and each ambassador will distribute the starting kits in his/her city according to the list of participants. A list of cities and ambassador contacts will be provided later.

We wish you strong health and hope to see you soon at next competitions!

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