23 February

Almaty Marathon opens running season of the year

On 23rd February, 2019 the Park of the First President hosted the Winter Race.

17 January

"Wish Tree 2019". Miracles happen to those who believe

Holidays are over, but the wonders of the main holiday of the year continue! On January 14 in Almaty, presents were given within the charitable Wish Tree project. The event was organized by Academician Sh.Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, the Almaty Marathon, «World Class Almaty» and Tengrinews.kz. This year, the beneficiaries of the «Ken zhurek» Kazakhstan Public Foundation – 52 children with epylepsy and associated illnesses received presents.

11 January

Accumulate kilometers

In the new year we have prepared a new option for you. Now by covering distances on our races you also accumulate them.

09 January

Almaty Marathon charitable goals for 2019 are announced

The Courage to be the first Corporate fund (organized by the Almaty Marathon) named children's facilities that will receive charitable assistance based on the results of the competition on April 21, 2019.

28 December 2018

More than 25 000 Kazakhstan citizens chose sports this year

The Courage to be the first Corporate Fund summed up the results of the year and according to it, in 2018, it held 20 sporting events. There are not only races, but also powelifting championships, cycling, swimming and triathlon competitions. More than 25 000 athletes, both amateurs and professionals participated in them.

27 December 2018

Events calendar 2019

As December is coming to an end, there are only a few days left before the New Year.

21 December 2018

On equal terms

«My Win Triathlon Almaty» II Triathlon Championship was held in Almaty among the children from boarding schools and orphanages.

20 December 2018

The Whole Truth About Almaty Marathon

Where does the money collected during the charity marathons in Almaty go? Why are races held in the city? Who controls road closures during starts? Running and beer: Is it a good idea after a race? The organizers of the largest running event in Central Asia answered these and other questions.

30 November 2018

10 myths about running

Running is almost the first thing we learn after we start crawling and walking. First we run for pleasure, then by necessity and to stay fit.

29 November 2018

RUN in … Ours in New York and Amsterdam: stories about the biggest marathons of the world

Artyom Yakupov: «There were a lot of people next to me but I still could not stop, though I had covered 50 km. I felt tired only after getting to bed. Dovlatov was right. For me, New York was an event, a concert, a spectacle and it became a city only after a month. New York is a firework of emotions».

10 November 2018

I run and help: Autumn race held on eve of World Diabetes Day

On November 10, 2018, Autumn race took place on Sairan Lake in Almaty.
The competition started with the children's race at a distance of 3 km. Aleksandr Ten became the leader among boys and Adiya Kadyrova among girls. Three of the fastest runners were awarded medals, certificates and gifts from partners.

16 October 2018

“Almaty Marathon” Autumn Race to be held in the framework of World Diabetes Day

Autumn Race will be held on November 10, on the shores of Lake Sairan and will gather 1000 runners.
The Autumn Race will be the last event this year in the cycle of preparation for the Almaty Marathon. The competition will be held for the fifth time. For participants aged 10 to 14 years, a distance of 3 km is presented and athletes over 14 years old have to overcome 11 km by running or Nordic walking.

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