12 March

Almaty Marathon Canceled

Dear runners,
From March 13 2020 Kazakhstan government imposes ban on public events over the coronavirus, unfortunately we are forced to cancel the Almaty Marathon.

On Thursday, March 12, the organizers of the Almaty Marathon, which is scheduled for April 19, announced the cancellation of the sports event amid a government ban on public events in Kazakhstan. For this reason, participants who already registered for this largest running competition of the region had a number of questions.

We asked specialists to answer.

Why can outdoor events pose a risk of infection? And what should athletes do, can they continue their training?

“Any public event, by the way the Almaty Marathon attracts about 18,000 participants, assumes a potential infection. Symptoms of the virus are not always obvious. Among a large number of people, there may be the infected. This poses a great danger to everyone who is nearby,” says Alexander Lazarev, a senior physician of the Operation Unit of the Almaty Ambulance Service. “Nevertheless, I recommend continuing your sports and exercise workout open-air. Physical activity strengthens the immune system, and this is your main protection against the virus. If you are feeling sick, it is better to suspend your workout and consult a doctor (by phone). Pay particular attention to your personal hygiene, regularly disinfect your smartphone and other permanent use items (headphones, PCs, worktop, heart rate monitors).

Will entry fees be refunded to participants?

“Now the production of starter kits is already nearing completion, therefore the registered participants can get 50% of the entry fee in the form of the starter kit, T-shirt (if purchased) and a finisher medal. And the second half of the fee paid by the participants with their consent will be used for charity goals pursued by the Almaty Marathon, scheduled for 2020. If a participant desires to refund the fee, he/she needs to fill out a special refund application form on our website almatymarathon.kz, which will be available tomorrow, March 17, and send it to vozvrat@almaty-marathon.kz before 23:59 on March 31. After the Organizing Committee processes the submitted applications, the starter kits will be completed and issued starting from April 20, and the fees will be refunded upon request,” said Almaty Marathon Director Saltanat Kazybayeva.

What charity goals do you pursue within the Almaty Marathon 2020?

“We believe that the cancellation of the sports event should not become a reason to refuse assistance to those who need it. Therefore, we made a decision to implement all the planned charitable goals. This year, we will implement 5 charities. We plan to equip a playground for Kenes Public Association of Persons with Disabilities, build a football field in the Regional Special Boarding School for Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Yessik, create workout playgrounds in SOS Children’s Village of Almaty, acquire sensory integration equipment for Amalia Habitation Center for Children with Special Needs, and build a sports ground in NUR Foster Home in Talgar. The total expected charitable amount is KZT 35,000,000,” said Saltanat Kazybayeva.

A total of 17 charity projects have been implemented for the previous 8 years of the Almaty Marathon. A charity report will be published on the corporate website of Courage to be the First Corporate Fund and in the media.

The fund scheduled the next running competition for May 16 - Women's and Children's Race. Registration for the event is now suspended. If the situation over coronavirus in the world returns to normal, the competition will take place as planned.


Organizers of the Almaty Marathon are Courage to be the First Corporate Fund, World Class Almaty Fitness Club, Academician S. Yessenov Scientific and Educational Foundation and multisports Youtube channel #DifferentYou.

General partner: Kaspi.kz.

26 March

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Subject: Coronavirus pandemia crisis
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