16 March 2019

1 200 runners participated in the Spring Race. Next stop is Almaty Marathon

March 16, 2019, the Spring Race was held in the Baum’s grove in Almaty, 1200 amateur runners took part in the competition.

There are only 10 days left until the Almaty Marathon. On April 21, 17 000 athletes from 53 countries of the world will line up at the start!

For many, the Almaty Marathon-2019 will be the first big start, and some of the runners have been participating for the eighth year in a row. In any case, regardless of the distance and the number of kilometers covered, special attention should be paid to the preparation for the start. This will help avoid injuries and strains.

Experts in the field of sports medicine gave their recommendation for participants of the marathon.

Who is not allowed to run marathon?

The Almaty Marathon is, first of all, a sporting event that requires some physical effort. Amateur athletes should undergo a comprehensive examination and test twice a year. What to do if the marathon starts, and you completely forgot about consulting with the doctors?  It is not too late! You should see a therapist and a cardiologist, get a complete blood count and check your blood sugar level.  Running increases the load on the heart, which can adversely affect the health of those who have problems with this organ. And with an elevated level of sugar, individual trainings are assigned and they are not allowed to the marathon distance at all. Therefore, visiting doctors is a must. Also, doctor may detect contraindications to this sport.

«Running is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the joints, pregnant women in later periods, as well as people over 60 years old with osteoporosis and patients in the postoperative period, "- says vein specialist and vascular surgeon, member of the European Society of Angiology Aliya Bakhytzhanovna Dzhumataeva. - However, limiting physical activity is not a solution. Whenever possible, include physical exercise in your schedule, try Nordic walk, or take time for long walks. In case of injury or illness, it is better to skip the start or participate in the marathon as a fan”.

Marathon Nutrition Plan

Nutrition is one of the most important components of proper preparation. On the eve of the marathon, doctors recommend eliminating fatty, smoked, salty, spicy and sweet food. You should not experiment with new products, because it is difficult to predict how your body will react to them. A week before the marathon, minimize the intake of protein and fat. Choose products which contain a large amount of slow-burning carbs. They will create an energy reserve that the body needs when running. Eat spaghetti from durum wheat - make yourself a pasta-party in the evening before the race!

On the day of the marathon, it is recommended to eat carbohydrates no later than 3 hours and the last meal - 1.5-2 hours before the start. If you feel thirsty before the race, then you need to drink no more than 1 or 2 glasses of water.

Listen to Your Body

Your aim is to gradually pick up your pace when there is space and spend the first few miles getting into your stride. Otherwise, by the middle of the distance you will not be able to continue running. Distribute your strength and capabilities evenly.

«If you feel tired, slow down, and in the event of convulsions, pain in your side, stop running and just keep moving. You cannot sit down immediately. Even after the finish, continue walking, do not stop abruptly,”- advises the endocrinologist, nutritionist, a member of the European Association of Endocrinologists Ainagul Nurlanovna Birzhanova.

Do not forget the running technique and follow safety rules. It is better not to use headphones while running, because you may not hear warnings from other participants and organizers.

Remember that the main thing is your well-being. Listen to your body and do not overdo it. First of all, you run for yourself, and then for the title to be first.

It should be reminded that the Almaty Marathon will be held on April 21 for the eighth time with the support of the general sponsor Kaspi.kz, the honorary sponsor Sulpak, Akimat of Almaty and other partners.

The organizers are ''Courage to the first” Corporate Fund, «World Class Almaty» Fitness-Club and Academician Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation.  

21 April 2019

Almaty Marathon breaks record for the largest number of foreign participants

The largest running event in Central Asia the Almaty Marathon was held in Almaty. 17 000 people from 53 countries of the world took part in the race.

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