"Wish Tree 2019". Miracles happen to those who believe

17 January

Holidays are over, but the wonders of the main holiday of the year continue! On January 14 in Almaty, presents were given within the charitable Wish Tree project. The event was organized by Academician Sh.Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, the Almaty Marathon, «World Class Almaty» and This year, the beneficiaries of the «Ken zhurek» Kazakhstan Public Foundation – 52 children with epylepsy and associated illnesses received presents.  

Children read poems to Santa Claus, studied their gifts with interest and enjoyed a Bubble show with the participation of their favorite cartoon characters. They were very happy to receive presents and to take part in the funny event. Wish Tree 2019 proved to their parents that everything is possible and miracles happen to those who believe.

"We help fulfill wishes and dreams, so that children continue to believe in miracles. Every year we choose a new beneficiary – public funds, orphanages. I admire the sincerity of children – they believe in miracles. I admire parents who do not lose hope” says Saltanat Kazybayeva, director of the Courage to be the first Corporate Fund.

I am glad that all the people who made commitments kept them. Rather, they exceeded: as a result, there were more presents and extra ones were distributed to children who did not have time to write letters and other project participants. A total of 61 children received presents. The event started on December 7, all presents were collected on December 25. The phrase “gift is collected” meant that the contributor took the application and was ready to fulfill it soon. Before the start of the gift giving ceremony all the presents were delivered to the places where the events took place.

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