More than 25 000 Kazakhstan citizens chose sports this year

28 December 2018

The Courage to be the first Corporate Fund summed up the results of the year and according to it,  in 2018, it held 20 sporting events. There are not only races, but also powelifting championships, cycling, swimming and triathlon competitions.  More than 25 000 athletes, both amateurs and professionals participated in them.      

«I am glad that all people in our country, regardless of age and athletic training, have opportunities and choices. There are competitions to everyone's liking and they are held all year round. The Almaty Marathon in April was the most memorable for me in 2018. I ran 42 km and went home. And then it turned out that I took 2nd place in my category! In the new year my goal is to cover the marathon in 3 hours 30 minutes, and in general I dream to run the Boston Marathon, even I have to spend my entire pension. Now I am 64 years old, but I can not imagine a day without jogging» says a regular participant of the races Tleuzhan Kanapyanov.  

    The largest running event in Central Asia the Almaty Marathon gathered 14 000 participants from 38 countries this year. 245 athletes took part in the Asian Cup and Kazakhstan Triathlon Championship in August. Another 300 athletes competed for the title of the best at the Asian cup and country's Powerlifting Championship in May. «Tour of World Class Almaty» cycling race gathered more than 700 fans of this sport at the end of the summer. The first Children's race was attended by 300 kids at the age of 3.  About 4 000 amateur runners ran the first Almaty half marathon. In total, over 25 000 Kazakhstan citizens took part in all the sporting events of the fund.

«Currently, preparations are under way for the Almaty Marathon 2019 and the Almaty half marathon. Already in February we are starting a series of open training sessions with a professional instructor, as well as lectures. We expect that about 17 000 amateur runners will take part in the race on April 21. Next year we plan to hold 16 own competitions (some of them will be held for the first time), as well as starts jointly with the Almaty Triathlon Federation. As usual, part of the funds collected from registration fees will go to charitable purposes” says the Executive Director of the Courage to be the first Corporate Fund Saltanat Kazybayeva.

It should be reminded that this year the Almaty Marathon received 65 924 627 KZT from the registration fees of the participants. The cost of holding the Almaty Marathon amounted to 109 076 519 KZT (excluding the cost of implementing charitable purposes). The missing part of the marathon budget was refunded by the sponsors.